Never fear 

 Wearable sensors to improve safety and well-being of women around the world 

The Cause

Globally one in three women have experienced violence in their lifetime, many of whom have no access to emergency response. The problem is at its worst in India - 92% of women in New Delhi have faced sexual violence in a public space.

Our Mission

Safety should be a basic human right. We believe that technology can allow us to make this dream a reality through autonomous and inconspicuous emergency alerts to a network of guardian and responders.

Our Approach

Our system uses physiological triggers alongside intentional alert signals to notify your immediate safety circle, even in low-connectivity scenarios. It is designed to be accessible and effective for communities around the world.

Anu & Naveen Jain's Women’s safety XPRIZE

Anu & Naveen Jain initiated the Anu & Naveen Jain Women’s safety XPRIZE to accelerate innovation in safety devices. Saffron has been selected for Semifinals in Mumbai in April for our innovative approach within Women’s safety.

How it works

Wearable Sensors

When in a danger situation, you likely don't have enough time to use your phone. We inconspicuously track physiological signals to provide robust alert systems, even without the use of your hands.

Pattern Recognition

Our machine learning algorithms are constantly evolving to understand the user and to adapt to his or her environment while providing real-time alerts and communication with the user.

Safety Circle

We are building in functionality of the Guardian Circle API, but are also developing our own system to provide more immediate results and immediately bring help from those nearby.

Universal Location Tracking

Knowing your exact location when in danger will bring help as fast as possible. We use GPS, Wireless and Indoor Tracking to alert your Guardians with highest precision - even when connecitivity is bad.

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